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WATCH: Delia Attempts Spontaneous Crowd Control In Chaotic PN Voting Queue

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Nationalist Party members are today voting between Adrian Delia and Chris Said as the party’s new leader, yet the voting station at the Floriana Granaries seemed to lack a basic queue management system.

While voters were cooped up in a tent and complaining about the confusion, Delia entered the fray to attempt to create some order and had his team film his attempt live on his Facebook page.

“Please move back,” Delia said as he bustled his way through the crowd and shouted several times at a certain “Peter” to give him a microphone. With the mike in hand, Delia told the voters to form themselves into queues. 

“I’m annoyed at the way this was organised and I had nothing to do with it,” he said. “Please be patient and move back to the rails or some of you will get hurt.”


PN voters are choosing between Adrian Delia (left) and Chris Said

As a policeman approached to try and help Delia out, the PN favourite’s words were drowned out by the baying crowd and the Facebook live feed ended. The video was quickly deleted from Delia’s Facebook wall. 

Some 15,000 people are set to vote in tonight’s election – the first time ever a PN leader will be voted in by the party’s members. Voting booths close at 9pm and the winner is expected to be announced in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

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