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Adrian Delia Hits Out At Jason Azzopardi And Challenges Him To Publish Yorgen Fenech Chats

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Former PN leader Adrian Delia has hit out strongly at Jason Azzopardi after the PN MP won a libel case against the former Opposition leader’s canvasser Vincent Borg, known as Ċensu l-Iswed.   

Azzopardi recently won a libel case against Borg after the canvasser questioned on Facebook whether the MP used to meet a prostitute at Portomaso. After winning the case, the PN MP said that “the truth has emerged” and pledged to donate the €1,000 in damages he won from Borg to Puttinu Cares and Dar tal-Providenza.

However, Delia was having none of it, saying Azzopardi was helping out charities with other people’s money and questioning whether he really wants the truth to emerge and the PN to unite.

“Publish the 700 messages you said you have against me. Explain how you alone had access to Yorgen Fenech’s messages even though you’re not in the police force,” he said. 

“Tell us whether you told the ‘independent’ media to publish your deceptions on the front page. Publish the proof to substantiate your claims that I’m in Yorgen Fenech’s pockets.”

This was a reference to WhatsApp messages that Fenech and Delia exchanged in 2019 and which were published by Times of Malta. 

Delia also challenged Azzopardi to publish his tax returns, a reference to how the MP was late in declaring his income for two separate years, which he said was due to legal issues arising from his marital separation.  

“Declare your tax returns instead of lying and explain how you managed to live without earning a cent,” Delia said. 

“Explain the level of your relationship with the Fenech family instead of pointing your fingers at others. Declare how you lied and worked against the leader of your own party who was democratically elected.”

“Tell the people about the inquiry that has been pending against you and who was involved, instead of inventing things about others.”

“In your efforts to unite the party, did you go after those [Ċensu l-Iswed] who gave and risked their lives for the party years before you were even born? You’re going to act the lawyer with Ċensu l-Iswed? Tell us who manipulated and deceived him. If you want, you can sue me, Hon. Azzopardi, so the truth will come out.”

What do you make of Delia’s statement?

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