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Adrian Delia Is Staying Till General Election, Says PN Secretary General

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The Nationalist Party’s secretary general Clyde Puli said that Adrian Delia will remain at the helm of the party until at least the next general election, despite the party suffering a historic loss at the European Parliament election.

“Adrian Delia made it clear on multiple occasions that he was elected to lead the party until the next general election,” Puli told TVM. “This was an election to choose MEPs and local councillors and the result reflects on our work in the European Parliament and local councils.”

Puli drew positives from the defeat by noting the margin between the two parties was much smaller than what had been predicted by several surveys.

“We must accept this result with humility, learn from it and look to the future to find out how we can best represent people’s aspirations.”

“However, the surveys had predicted the PN would lose by 60,000, 75,000 or 88,000 votes, but we stabilised in recent weeks after working with a new dynamic. This is an encouraging element for the future.”

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