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Adrian Delia To Contest Leadership: ‘A Choice Between PN For The People And PN For The Few’

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Adrian Delia has confirmed he will contest the upcoming PN leadership race, describing the upcoming election as “a choice between a PN for the people and a PN for the few”.

“If you choose me as leader, I will implement changes that many of you have wanted to see for a time and I will explain them out in the coming days,” the PN leader told a press conference in a direct message to the party’s paid-up members.

Delia said people who want to join his campaign must be ready to defend the rights of the many and must want to fight both corruption and hatred.

“The PN must stop focusing on who to remove and who they don’t want to work with; we’ve lost an entire generation of politicians forever and we must show that we’re able to attract people. Those whose interests don’t lie in the PN but in themselves and who base their campaigns on lies and calumnies don’t respect the party’s soul.”

He promised he will stay on as an MP and support the next leader if he loses the vote, arguing that he truly believes in democracy.

The PN leader added that tonight’s vote, in which 92% of PN councillors cast their vote, shows the party is alive and enthusiastic.

Should Adrian Delia stay on as PN leader?

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