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Adrian Delia’s Supporters Demand Action Against PN Rebels: ‘We Can’t Keep Protecting The Status Quo’

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Several PN members (tesserati) are signing a statement which calls for steps to be taken against MPs and officials who refuse to get behind leader Adrian Delia, warning that they are placing the future of the party in serious jeopardy.

The statement is being circulated as a counter-motion to a petition to the General Council which calls for a vote of confidence in Delia. The signatories are urging General Council President Kristy Debono not to accept the rebels’ petition, arguing that their demand for a confidence vote breaches the PN statute.

It argues that the General Convention, composed of the tesserati, and not the General Council is responsible for the election of the party leader and his subsequent confirmation or rejection after every general election.

“The leader was chosen by the tesserati and no one has the right to overrule this decision,” the motion reads. “This would go against the will of the tesserati, democracy and the rule of law.”

It goes on to blame the PN’s historic defeat at last month’s MEP and local council elections on unnamed people within the party who had worked against Delia’s election and who “didn’t allow him to work in peace” after he was elected.

“The unethical behaviour by some MPs and officials who never accepted the verdict of the tesserati certainly didn’t help us move forward and had a negative effect on the results,” the motion reads.

“The behaviour of those MPs, along with a systematic, coordinated and organised campaign, with the aid of pseudo-bloggers and/or pseudo-NGOs was the main cause of this defeat.”

“The same people who were behind the major defeat of the 2013 election and who the tesserati had sidelined in 2017 are the hidden hands behind this political manoeuvre. Those who pulled the strings that day are the same people who want to pull the strings and control the party today. We believe that we cannot keep protecting this status quo. Adrian Delia was elected to implement change and no one has the right to stop this change from taking place.”

It criticised MPs and officials for leaking confidential information to the press and for attending meetings organised by NGOs in which Delia was criticised, a clear reference to vigils organised in honour of the late Daphne Caruana Galizia.

“We request that the necessary changes are implemented so that the PN can become a victorious party. This isn’t a case of business as usual. We want to open the doors to those who truly have the party’s interests at heart to give them the chance to contribute to this change.”

“Everyone must pull the same rope and MPs and officials must give an example to supporters. All necessary steps must be taken to prevent those MPs and officials who clearly don’t want to work collectively with Delia and the leadership from doing any more damage. They are placing the party’s future in serious jeopardy.”

“We also want to kickstart a process to bring back those people who were sidelined from the PN because of the attitude and actions of those who wanted to maintain control of the party at all costs.”

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