After Norman Lowell Backlash F Living Will Stop All Political Programmes During Election Season

F Living said it is ‘not in any way trying to hinder freedom of speech’

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Following Norman Lowell’s controversial appearance on a local television show, F Living have announced that the channel would stop broadcasting political programmes during the election season.

"In view of the stringent, legal restrictions of the Broadcasting Authority with reference to Political Broadcasting, F Living Channel will refrain from Broadcasting Political Programmes during the period from 15 April to 25 May 2019," F Living said in a statement.

The restriction will also apply to guests involved in Local Elections or MEP Elections.

During an appearance on F Living’s programme Attwali, Lowell, who is running as an MEP candidate in the upcoming May elections, used his signature outspokenness to touch on a number of sensitive views on everything from eugenics, Malta’s low birth rate, to racial differences.

The Imperium Europa leader’s TV appearance conjured a feverous reaction from the Maltese public, as they often do, with questions surrounding the freedom of expression reaching the forefront of online debate.

Clarifying its stance, F Living said in a statement that it is “not in any way trying to hinder freedom of speech.”

“Consequently, F Living Channel shall resume with all the existing political programmes and inviting political personnel immediately after the May 2019 elections,” the broadcaster said in a statement.

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Written By

Julian Bonnici