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Charging Up For A Leadership Race? Chris Fearne Makes A Literal Power Move

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As more and more talk of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat preparing to leave Malta for a job in Europe crops up, some of the Labour Party’s top brass are already making power moves.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Chris Fearne has found a way to charge up his support base while giving people a good backup choice in an upcoming leadership race – and it can all fit in the palm of your hand.

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Pictured above: Not the actual size

A “limited edition” Chris Fearne-branded power bank is now an actual thing

The inscription ‘Power anywhere, anytime, always with you‘ is written on the front of the box under a prominent ‘Chris Fearne’ on the power-bank itself.

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The power bank, which comes in deep red, will give you life after your electronic device has run out of juice

You could also use it to browse websites and catch up on news stories, though it’s not known if the back-up charger will self-combust if you attempt to access certain websites or stories.

When contacted about the unique power bank, Dr Fearne was very clear about the idea behind releasing such an electrifying item: “Power to the people!”

Tag someone who would love a Chris Fearne power bank!

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