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Crane Currency Denies Being Charged Over Liberian Kickbacks Allegations

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Crane Currency has denied allegations made by the Liberian press that it has been charged over claims of potential kickbacks.

“Crane has not been charged with any crime in Liberia, and at all times Crane has operated in full compliance with the law and rejects completely any allegation of wrongdoing,” the company said in a statement

“The allegation is false and without merit,” it continued. “Crane fulfilled its contractual obligations as set out in two delivery contracts and two subsequent documented agreements between the Central Bank of Liberia for Crane to deliver the finished banknotes, and every banknote delivered was properly invoiced and accounted for.”

“Crane was paid in full the correct amount (and no more) as had been agreed with our Liberian customer for these contracted deliveries of banknotes, and there were no excess or improper payments made by the CBL or any other party.”

The company is seriously challenging these allegations, sharing all relevant evidence from within Crane with the authors of the Kroll and Presidential Investigation Team report

“At all times, Crane operates with the highest standards of ethics and integrity and in full compliance with the law”

The Daily Observer in Liberia earlier alleged that the international currency printer was accused of receiving kickbacks amounting to €736,142 to print Liberian dollar bank notes.

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