Delia Warns Malta That Socialist MEPs Are Pushing For Abortion

'Those who want to protect life at all stages should vote for the Nationalist Party MEP candidates'

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Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia once again raised the issue of abortion during his Sunday morning political party address, calling out Labour Party MEPs after the socialist group’s manifesto for the 2019 MEP election included a line on reproductive rights.

The manifesto called on every individual to have access to their full sexual and reproductive rights, and the “right to decide over their own body.”

“The EP Socialist Party, which the Labour Party is forms part of, is pushing in favour of abortion," he said. "The government did not tell us this. The government hid this information. The government wants us to forget. It already changed certain laws, it already chose not to accept the protection of an embryo inside the womb enshrined in law, and now the EP Socialist Party is pushing in favour of abortion."

Speaking at a political event in Mellieha, Delia added: “The Nationalist Party is unequivocally against abortion and in favour of the right to life at all stages."

Delia stressed for all those truly interested in protecting “the right to life” to vote for PN MEP candidates.

The PL has repeatedly said it has no mandate to introduce abortion, surveys continue to show that an overwhelming majority are against abortion and the issue itself is not a matter of European competence but can only be altered at a national level.

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