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Entering Election Mode From Now Could Be A Strategic Error, Franco Debono Advises PN

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Former PN MP Franco Debono has advised his former party not to assume that a general election will be called by the end of the year, warning that it risks falling into a trap.

“It would be wrong for the PN to assume that an election will be held in October. It could be, but I’m not convinced,” Debono wrote.

“It seems like the party has gone into election mode from now.”

Debono warned the PN that the Labour Party could decide to fulfil its full five-year mandate, meaning an election will be called sometime in March-April, around the same time period when Malta’s economy could start recovering from the COVID-19 blow.

“If that’s the case, then the PN would have wasted a lot of energy, revealed its hand, and arrived at the election in a tired state after practically a year-long campaign. It wouldn’t be able to compete in resources with the party in government.” 

“This is free advice. Those who start racing too early will get tired before the whistle is blown.”

On Sunday, MaltaToday published a survey, which estimated that the PL is on course to win the next election by a historic margin of 48,000 votes.

However, Opposition leader Bernard Grech played down the survey’s implications, arguing that it must be seen in the context of a “feel-good” factor returning to Malta due to the decline of COVID-19.

Debono said that the survey speaks for itself and all comments about it would be superfluous.

“If the PN’s problem has a predominant characteristic, it’s that it either manages to hide from the party and operate behind the scenes.”

“Either that or the party isn’t taking heed of the writing which has been on the wall in crystal clear language for several years. People and leaders have come and gone but the problem has remained. Ten years is no joke.”

Who do you intend to vote for at the next general election? 

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