Ex-PN Leader Sits Behind New Boss In Budget Reaction But Looks Like He Would Rather Be Anywhere Else

Tonight was their first public appearance together since their major fallout three months ago


PN leader Adrian Delia and his predecessor Simon Busuttil appeared together in public tonight for the first time since their massive fall-out over the Egrant inquiry last July.

With the PN parliamentary group sitting behind Delia as he delivered his initial reaction to the 2019 Budget, Busuttil was strategically positioned in the second row - right in between the PN leader himself and PN secretary general Clyde Puli.

However, Busuttil seemed visibly uncomfortable throughout the press conference as Delia poked holes in the Budget and criticised the government for not addressing poverty strongly enough.

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When the conclusions of the Egrant inquiry were published a few months ago, Delia stripped Busuttil off his good governance portfolio and requested he suspend himself from the PN parliamentary group. However, Busuttil refused to do so and Delia ended up retracting his call after realizing he might not have the numbers to back up his original decision in the parliamentary group and PN executive council.

Since then, the relationship between the two appears to have thawed, with Delia standing up for Busuttil after Prime Minister Joseph Muscat lashed out at him in Parliament and Busuttil praising his successor during an interview on NET TV.

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