‘For Love Of God And Country!’: Adrian Delia’s 5am WhatsApp Battlecry Leaked

"We are at war, no doubt remains. Most will fight and lose or win. Some will perish."

Adrian Delia

Opposition leader Adrian Delia this morning issued a rallying cry against “traitors” within his own party, as shown by a WhatsApp message that was leaked to the press.

The Times of Malta published in full a message that Delia sent members of his administrative council at 5am today.

“Today Christmas time has ended. For most a time of peace and caring. It was alas for us a time of battle,” Delia wrote. “In war there are mercenaries who wage it merely for monetary gain. Most are so. Few, indeed very few, heroes for love of God and country. Sometimes they turn the battle and at times of rare they win the war. Eternally history lauds them. But sadly most are lost not by lack of them but by traitors who cross the line and sell their souls an instance distraught which can a nations destiny forebear.”


“We are at war no doubt remains. Most will fight and lose or win. Some will perish. Warriors few, they live to fight and win to die and hence shall live forever. The time has come. The time is now.”

“For love of God and country, in here only warriors true belong.”

According to the Times, one of the members in the WhatsApp group replied: “If you want war, you will get it”.

The Nationalist Party is undergoing a period of immense turbulence, with several officials privately calling for Delia to resign after his wife Nickie Vella de Fremeaux accused him of domestic violence and a trove of private data, including from the PN leader’s personal phone, was leaked to WhatsApp.

PN executive president Mark Anthony Sammut yesterday went public about his concern that the party is getting dragged into a domestic dispute that it cannot control.

“The allegations made, including sworn allegations, and footage circulating are very disturbing and some of the allegations are of a criminal nature,” he said.

However, Delia has pledged to fight on as leader, warning his critics that their attempts to pull him down have only made him stand up prouder.

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