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Forget The Reports: Prime Minister And Other Sources Say Next President Of Malta Is Far From Confirmed

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George Vella is far from being confirmed as Malta’s 10th President, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, as well high-ranking sources, have said.

After at least two Maltese media outlets indicated strongly that George Vella was all but confirmed for Malta’s next presidency, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that no actual discussions have been held yet to see who would follow President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

“I have still not had any kind of discussion about who will be the next President,” Joseph Muscat told TVM. “What I can mention is what qualities I am looking for in a President of the Republic. Primarily, the appointee has to be a person of stature. Secondly, this person has to unite the country and give a contribution.”

He also indicated that he was ready to discuss the next appointee with the Opposition

“Consultations with the Opposition are soon to start officially. The person on whom agreement will be reached has also to accept the appointment. There are many caveats. The process kicked off through this manner of ideas. We have not discussed any names. We will start discussing shortly.”

The current President’s term is set to end in about two months, with the next presidency taking effect on 4th April.

Muscat didn’t confirm or deny that George Vella would be next President, merely saying he had some names in mind, and that the only thing he could confirm were the qualities he was looking for in the person.

Another high-ranking official told Lovin Malta that George Vella was far from confirmed as well, saying that a handful of names were being considered, including at least one woman.

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