Franco Debono Loses His Shit In Facebook Rampage Against Adrian Delia

He's had beef with the potential PN leader... and he's not holding back

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Hell hath no fury like a scorned Franco Debono, and the Law Commissioner is now on the warpath against prospective PN leader Adrian Delia.

In a Facebook post, the former PN MP decried Delia as a coward and a chicken for speaking about him on TV and challenged him to a public debate. 

“Can someone from his confused flock of supporters pass this invitation on to him? Repeatedly speaking about me in a fora where I cannot respond is HAMALLAGNI, UNEDUCATED and RUDE. If you want to speak about me, then face me and I guarantee that you will be left lost for words.”


Debono also appeared to suggest that the PN will suffer if it refuses to bring him back into its fold, drawing parallels with how Joseph Muscat had embraced Dom Mintoff when he was elected Labour leader.

“DeliaFalz has forgotten that one of Joseph Muscat’s first moves was to bring Dom Mintoff back into the Labour Party after he had brought [the Sant government] down. He gave him a pardon and a clean slate, and from that moment on, Labour started to win and hasn’t stopped.”

The nickname ‘DeliaFalz’ is an obvious allusion to the Labour Party’s pre-electoral mocking slogan of PN leader Simon Busuttil as ‘SimonFalz’.

In a bizarre twist, Debono also said that Delia’ ‘New Way’ campaign slogan is more suitable for Frank Portelli, the 73-year-old candidate who has pledged to deport 80% of immigrants.


“Frank Portelli is the true anti-clique and anti-establishment face. May I remind you that Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader when he was 66 and he almost won the last UK election, with most of his support coming from youths. Those who say that Frank Portelli is out of the game don't understand politics.”

Debono’s feud with Delia started when the latter stated that he will not welcome the Law Commissioner back into the party should he win the election. This was despite a Facebook post by Delia’s wife Nickie Vella de Fremaux, who said that the PN should welcome Debono back on board. 


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