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Fresh Out Of A Coma, Delia’s Business Associate Hits Back At ‘Lies’ By Opposition Leader

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After uploading an inflammatory Facebook post, Bajada has now told MaltaToday he believes that Delia wanted to get back at Busuttil, while at the same time deviating public attention from an FIAU investigation into an alleged prostitution racket.

“He sent police to my ex-wife’s house knowing full well that any documents on our business were at my house – probably to get back at Simon,” he said. “When Delia gave his statement to the police, I was already in the ITU – there was no hope I would make it, so I assume he thought I would take certain facts to the grave. Unfortunately for him, I am back with the truth.”

The FIAU investigation, which reportedly flagged a “reasonable suspicion of money laundering” concerned a Barclays Bank account in Jersey that Delia had opened to receive the rents on Soho properties owned by his client Eucharist Bajada, the father of Kris Bajada.

“There is absolutely no doubt that Adrian was the one who opened that Barclays account and managed it,” Bajada told MaltaToday.

“Adrian must have thought that I would take some secret to the grave with me… if he denied having set up that bank account, it is a lie. What he said about the falsified signature was a diversionary tactic to deviate the public’s attention from the true facts, perhaps because he wanted to save face with elections around the corner.”

Bajada confirmed that his father vested the ownership of his Soho properties in offshore companies for tax purposes, but insisted he had no involvement in the way their subtenants had eventually used them as brothels. Indeed, he said his father risked losing the properties when the police raided them in a prostitution investigation in 2003.

Cover photo: Left: PN leader Adrian Delia, Centre: Kris Bajada, Right: former PN leader Simon Busuttil 

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