Gender Quotas 'Simply Paper Over Cracks’ Says Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola

'It holds women back and simply creates new barriers for the next generation of women to overcome'

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PN MEP Roberta Metsola has come out in strong opposition to gender quotas, arguing that it “simply papers over the cracks, gives a false sense of security and does nothing to tackle the underlying problem with female representation in Malta and Gozo”.

“Our representatives in politics and in the boardroom must be chosen on the basis of votes and merit, not gender. We cannot and should not escape from that principle,” Metsola said.

“It is a regression. It holds women back and simply creates new barriers for the next generation of women to overcome. The danger is that they’re used as a smokescreen and hide the underlying issue. They do nothing to create a real level playing field.”

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Calling for a “real paradigm shift in thinking and culture”, Metsola said that it is political parties and companies who needed to do “much more to encourage female candidates to put themselves forward and ensure women are given all the same opportunities.”

Speaking at an event to mark Women’s Day at Verdala Palace, Metsola said that while the subject has been regularly discussed, the notion of “quota-imposed token women does not help our cause.”

Incidentally, Lovin Malta's latest episode of Kaxxaturi last night spoke about this very issue

In an episode mentioning everything from Dnegel to Joseph Muscat (and why the two might actually be related), Lovin Malta dissected the divisive subject of gender quotas, and what they could mean to the island in the long run.

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