Godfrey Farrugia Has Been Announced As The New Leader Of Partit Demokratiku

He was automatically elected leader since no-one else was nominated for the position

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Godfrey Farrugia has been announced as the Partit Demokratiku's new leader after no other candidate expressed interest or submitted a nomination for the position.

In a Facebook video, the doctor and politician laid out some of the reasons he has taken on the role.

"I have faith in Malta, because I believe in the abilities of each and every one of us. Our country deserves a political system that is just, honest, and wise, that is run with integrity. PD in opposition will continue down this road, by working with the politics of conviction. I spent my life with people, i lived my life serving, and for me, the protection of the Maltese and Gozitan people means a lot to me. I will continue working to ensure this happens," he said after being elected.

He takes over the leadership of the party from Dr Anthony Buttigieg, who is also a doctor

Buttigieg is now focused on contesting the 2019 MEP Election as a candidate. Farrugia is the third leader of the PD, Malta's youngest political party, after the aforementioned Buttigieg, and Farrugia's partner, Marlene Farrugia, who founded the party in 2016.

In a statement, the party said that it had called off the scheduled leadership election due to no-one competing with Farrugia, and pledged to focus on good governance.

“PD pledges to reinstate honesty and responsibility into the heart of Maltese politics and give a stronger voice to citizens who believe that our nation deserves to be governed in a way that makes us proud and safeguards a dignified lifestyle for the generations of today and tomorrow,” the party said.

Timothy Alden, the PD's Deputy Leader, had words of praise for his new leader, comparing him to a famous Roman statesmen noted for his selflessness: "I congratulate Malta's own Cincinnatus - the Hon Dr Godfrey Farrugia - on his appointment as Leader of Partit Demokratiku - and it will be an honour and a pleasure to serve as his Deputy Leader."

Dr Farrugia started his career as the independent mayor of Żebbuġ

He joined the Labour Party ahead of the 2013 election. He became a minister in the PL's first administration, took on the role of whip, and then famously quit the party before becoming one of PD's founding members. He won a parliamentary seat in the 2017 general election as a PD candidate.

What do you think of Dr Farrugia's new position?

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