Government Denies Prime Minister's Children Are Being Sent To British Jesuit School: 'Another Dirty Lie'

"It is mind-boggling how PN politicians repeat these lies without verifying them"

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A government spokesperson has vehemently denied rumours that the Prime Minister's two daughters, Soleil and Etoile, are being removed from their Maltese school and sent to a British private school.

"The story on the Prime Minister's children being sent to a school abroad is another dirty lie on the Muscat family. The Prime Minister's children have not changed and are not changing their school," the spokesperson said.

"It is mind-boggling how PN politicians repeat these lies without verifying them, especially when they go to the extent of saying that the Prime Minister’s children will be schooled in the United Kingdom," he continued.

"These PN politicians are the same people who were part of a smear campaign against the Prime Minister’s family, and which has since proven to be false. It is a real shame they have not learnt anything from the Prime Minister's resolve in not dragging any politician's family in the political arena, especially when these are complete fabrications."

The rumours of the Muscats changing school have been swirling among certain circles for months

But this week, the Twitter handle Je Suis Daphne posted a Tweet naming Stonyhurst College as the British school in question.

Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi liked the tweet

Stonyhurst College is a Roman Catholic independent school in the Jesuit tradition, situated in the North East of England.

What do you think of the rumours?

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