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‘I Called Out But There Was No Sign Of Life’: Police Officers Who Discovered Lassana Cisse’s Body Give Shocking Testimonies

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Two officers gave their account in discovering the body of Lassana Cisse Souleymane, as Magistrate Ian Farrugia declared there is enough prima facie evidence to issue a bill of indictment against the two soldiers charged with a series of racially motivated attacks.

This does not necessarily mean that the Attorney General will issue the bill of indictment; the compilation of evidence against the three men accused of murdering journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia is still ongoing, despite a magistrate declaring that enough prima facie evidence existed more than a year ago.

The sitting, which also covered the hit-and-run incident the two men are involved in, saw the shocking testimonies of police officers who discovered Souleymane’s body

Police Sergeant Theresa Farrugia detailed how she heard calls of distress on Triq Il-Ġebel and found a “dark-skinned” man who had been shot in the groin. She then followed bloodstains, only to discover a second man who had been shot in the buttocks.

Farrugia would then discover the lifeless body of Souleymane, who was wearing a red hoodie and headphones. Next to his body, she found one bullet and a further two down the road.

As she waited for support officers to arrive, she spoke to the two other injured migrants who detailed the attack.

“I saw a man wearing a red hoodie,” Police Office Cecil St John told the court. “I called out to him ‘Mr, Mr, it’s the police’. But there was no response and no sign of life.”

The case has been adjourned until Monday 3 July.

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