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‘I Want To Shed Light On How He Operates’: Former David Casa Aide Requests Interview With OLAF

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The European Union’s anti-fraud agency OLAF may be getting involved in the ongoing controversy regarding Nationalist MEP David Casa’s alleged cocaine habits after his former aide requested an interview with the agency to “shed light on the way Casa operated over the years.”

In his letter to OLAF director-general Ville Itälä, which was also sent to Maltese Attorney General Peter Grech, the aide made it clear that he wanted to give more detailed information about his former boss. The former aide said they “looked forward to cooperating” with OLAF and shedding light on the way the MEP would use his EU finances.

Just days ago, the former aide signed a sworn affidavit alleging a cocaine habit that would cause the veteran MEP to miss “important political events and other private functions”, and run up a bill of up to €700 a weekend.

The former aide also alleged that the cocaine use happened between 2009 and 2017, and that the former aide, as well as other party officials, had been present during Casa’s use of the drug, both in Malta as well as in Brussels.

Whereas the former aide had previously spoken about Casa’s alleged drug habit, they now wanted to turn to Casa’s finances, and how he utilised, or allegedly misused, them.

David Casa has fully denied the claims

Speaking to Lovin Malta, he said that this was the latest attack in a targeted campaign against him.

“In the last months I have endured threats of being dragged through court by the FIAU and by Keith Schembri’s Pilatus Bank lawyers. I’ve been accused of misusing EU funds, now proven to be complete lies, and have been targeted by PL activists calling for me to be hanged,” he said.

“Yesterday, while we gathered in Valletta to demand truth and justice one year after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Partit Laburista continued its heavily-funded hate campaign with posters all over Malta. They will stop at nothing to prevent me from continuing my work. Only over my dead body will they succeed,” he said.

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Pictured: Nationalist MEPs Roberta Metsola, David Casa, and Francis Zammit Dimech. Casa’s colleagues have come to his defense, saying: “All 3 of us have come under sustained attack over the last months but we will not lose focus on ensuring justice, truth and accountability reign”

Nine of Casa’s staff members have also come out to defend their boss in a statement

“Throughout the duration of our employment with MEP David Casa, we have never witnessed any of the allegations published. We have always experienced exemplary, professional and dedicated behaviour from MEP David Casa, whose work ethic and commitment to his causes is why we choose to be employed in his office,” they said in a joint statement.

The bombshell allegations were made by the former aide because he believed the PN needed people of “high moral integrity”

“What I have to state is prompted by my belief that the representatives of the Nationalist Party and of this nation should be represented by exemplary individuals of high moral integrity. At this very moment David Casa is giving the impression of being a model politician when facts prove the contrary.”

Casa has since pledged to take a drug test “on the condition that the Labour parliamentary group agrees to do the same.”

Do you believe the accusations against David Casa?

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