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‘I Won’t Stop Here’: Putting Rabat Litterer On Full Blast, Tourism Minister Promises Harsher Fines

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“We’ve kicked off mechanisms to make fines even harsher,” Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli promised yesterday, sharing photos of a pile of rubbish left in the Rabat countryside. By this early morning, she was poised to make an example out of “the first case”.

“The plates have a number, my friend,” Farrugia Portelli said, sharing a couple of photos of a van dumping “as much stuff as he could possibly find” in the area of Rabat’s Imtaħleb. “And they really came out clear.”

“Thanks to the police who solved this case in a matter of hours and who will be taking this person to court,” the Tourism Minister continued.

“I’m going to repeat what I said yesterday: we’re going to enact harsher fines.”

Promising the addition of cameras all over the island by Malta’s Cleansing Department, Farrugia Portelli made the announcement following the reminder that, “for the first time ever, public cleanliness will fall under tourism”.

“Because the showcase we want to have and live in is not litter and dirt, but cleanliness,” Farrugia Portelli ended.

Yesterday, the Tourism Minister had angrily posted photos of the mound of rubbish in Rabat, promising harsher penalties and a new way of dealing with litterers.

“I’m not going to stop here,” she promised. “I’m not going to stop before we’re all pulling the same rope.”

What do you make of this? Do you agree that Malta’s littering fines should be made even harsher?

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