'Irbaħ Fiat Panda': Labour MEP Candidates Giving Away Free Cars And Flights To Dubai Days Before Election

Malta is definitely in election season

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At least two lotteries offering prizes such as a new car, a week-long holiday in Dubai, a handmade local statue and even two hampers, have been rolled out by two Labour MEP candidates just 11 days before the big election.

Joe Sammut and Lorna Vassallo, two of PL's candidates for the upcoming European Parliament election on the 25th of May, have been pushing the raffles over the last few days, encouraging people to enter them to win big.

Joe Sammut is offering a whole new Fiat Panda to one lucky winner

The raffle, which has ostensibly been set up by the 'friends of Joe Sammut' and is in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund, comes with a set of 25 legal terms and conditions, and costs €5 to enter.

Lorna Vassallo forewent any pretence, and is straight up offering over €5,000 worth of prizes in her lottery

The winner can look forward to a week-long holiday in Dubai in five-star accommodation, as well as a Charles Archer statue worth €931, and even two hampers. Anyone attending her buffet lunch, which cost €22 to attend, would be automatically entered into the lottery.

And don't worry if you missed out on the first one - a second lottery with prizes worth over €200 will be organised as well.

Both candidates said their respective raffle and lottery were in accordance with Malta Gaming Authority rules

According to the latest MaltaToday survey, Joe Sammut is currently polling at 0.1%, while Lorna Vassallo's name hasn't even registered.

What do you think of politicians putting up raffles weeks before their election?

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