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Is This The Start Of The Thawing Of Relations Between Simon Busuttil And Adrian Delia?

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Former PN leader Simon Busuttil was all praise for his successor Adrian Delia during an interview on NET, which could indicate signs of a thawing of relationships between leaders past and present.

Busuttil thanked Delia for standing up for him when Prime Minister Joseph Muscat allegedly threatened him in Parliament earlier this week after his [Busuttil’s] declaration that he still believes Egrant belongs to Muscat.

“The Opposition leader rightfully questioned why the Prime Minister is accusing an MP when he himself only published parts of the Egrant inquiry,” Muscat said. “Dr Adrian Delia told Muscat to either substantiate his claims or retract him and that the people aren’t interested in who Egrant doesn’t belong to but who it does belong to. I appreciated Dr Delia’s intervention.”

Busuttil also commended Delia for suing the Attorney General in the Constitutional Court for his refusal to publish the full magisterial inquiry into the Egrant story.

“The Attorney General gave a full copy of the report to the Prime Minister but left everyone else in the dark, and it had to be the Opposition leader to go to court to request its publication,” he said.

When the conclusions of the Egrant inquiry were published a few months ago, Delia stripped Busuttil off his good governance portfolio and requested he suspend himself from the PN parliamentary group. However, Busuttil refused to do so and Delia ended up retracting his call after realizing he mightn’t have the numbers to back up his original decision in the parliamentary group and PN executive council.

In today’s interview, Busuttil dismissed suggestions that the PN is divided as baseless (ħmerijiet).

“The PN has values, such as justice, that we have been fighting for since the days of Eddie Fenech Adami. I don’t need a seat of power to fight for justice, because it is a value I believe in.”

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