It's Miriam Dalli And Roberta Metsola: MEPs Lead The Way In First Election Survey

Incumbents are favourites to retain their seats in May, survey finds


With 83 days to go until the European Parliament election, Labour MEP Miriam Dalli and PN MEP Roberta Metsola have emerged as the two frontrunners.

A survey published by MaltaToday, the first national survey dedicated to the MEP elections, has Dalli at 8.1% and Metsola at 5.9%. Labour MEP and former Prime Minister Alfred Sant is third at 5.1%, while the PN’s Frank Psaila is fourth at 2.8%.

Interestingly, political newcomer Josianne Cutajar (PL) comes in fifth place, ahead of more seasoned politicians, such as Joe Sammut and Cyrus Engerer. However, Alex Agius Saliba is hot on her tails at 1.1%.

With the PN widely expected to lose one of their three seats in May and with Psaila on the rise, it is bad news for incumbent MEPs Francis Zammit Dimech and David Casa, who are polling at 1.3% and 1.1% respectively.

It is worse news for the small parties, whose candidates haven’t registered at all. However, Arnold Cassola - who recently resigned from Alternattiva Demokratika to run as an independent candidate - is at 0.2%.

It is worth noting that it is early days though and the survey indicates that the vast majority of voters have yet to make up their minds, with 56.6% of respondents stating that they don’t know who they plan to vote for and 12.4% insisting they will not vote at all.


These are the results in full:

Don’t know - 56.6%

No vote - 12.4%

Miriam Dalli (PL) - 8.1%

Roberta Metsola (PN) - 5.9%

Alfred Sant (PL) - 5.1%

Frank Psaila (PN) - 2.8%

Josianne Cutajar (PL) - 1.7%

Francis Zammit Dimech (PN) - 1.3%

Alex Agius Saliba (PL) - 1.1%

David Casa (PN) - 1.1%

Josef Caruana (PL) - 0.7%

James Grech (PL) - 0.4%

Felix Busuttil (PL) - 0.2%

Arnold Cassola (Independent) - 0.2%

Noel Cassar (PL) - 0.2%

Joe Sammut (PL) - 0.2%

Cyrus Engerer (PL) - 0.1%

Who are you supporting in this year's MEP election?

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