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Joseph Muscat Explains How Road Expansion Can Benefit Bikes, Buses And Electric Cars

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As buses, bicycles, and electronic cars are appearing more and more on Maltese roads, it’s time for us to consider how our roads have to be shared for all of these users. And Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has the answer.

In a speech that he gave at a political event in Isla, Joseph Muscat shed light on the way that infrastructural projects like that happening in Marsa are crucial to adjusting for the range of types of transport present on roads. The infrastructure needs to therefore accommodate for this.

Joseph Muscat commented that the argument right now is who to give preference to, and “in order to make all of these preferences, you can’t have single carriageways everywhere because then you can’t do anything at all.”

Single carriageways limit who can use the road; in a street where a car can pass, a cyclists may not. So in this case decisions would need to be made on whether to give preference to a bus, electronic car, cyclist, or a car with more than two passengers.

In order to combat this issue in a more efficient way, the Prime Minister suggests that we should expand our roads to allow all road users to have access to the road. And by allowing preference lanes to bikes, buses and electronic cars, our roads can be greener.

Let us know you think on road expansion for greener modes of transport in the comments!

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