Labour MEP Candidate Calls Out Fake Profile For Spreading Rumours Of Dirty Door-To-Door Campaigning

Alex Agius Saliba seeks to quell rumour posted by an anonymous commenter


Labour MEP candidate Alex Agius Saliba has sought to quell rumours propagated by an anonymous commenter that he is secretly talking down the incumbent PL MEPs in his door-to-door campaign.

Agius Saliba posted a comment that a fake profile had left under a MaltaToday article, which claimed that the candidate had told him during a house visit that the most important thing is that people don’t vote for MEPs Miriam Dalli or Alfred Sant.

“There are many good candidates on both sides and we must choose those who will defend Malta against the corrupt clique in Castille,” the commenter said.

Perhaps concerned that the rumour could spread, Agius Saliba instantly sought to nip it in the bud.

“The Nationalists still haven’t stomached the fact that we are a united party and not splintered into a million pieces like they are,” he said. “No matter, our work will continue. I hereby urge you once more to vote for all the PL candidates next month.”

His wife, outgoing Ħaż-Żebbuġ mayor Sarah Agius Saliba, also denounced the comment as a pastażata and a lie.

“How can you believe those claims about Alex Agius Saliba by a person who goes by the name 'Muscat il-korrott’?” she questioned, referring to the fake profile’s handle.

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