Labour-Endorsing Paper Has Gushing Praise For PN’s Adrian Delia

L-Orizzont has praised the PN leader candidate as 'anti-establishment'

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On the day in which Nationalist councillors will vote in the first round of the election for a new party leader, the embattled candidate Adrian Delia has received support from unlikely quarters. 

L-Orizzont, which is owned by the General Workers’ Union and endorses the Labour Party, published an editorial today which praises Delia as an “anti-establishment candidate”  who is fighting against a “hidden hand” which is trying to maintain control over the party.

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“Adrian Delia poses a serious threat to this hidden hand…he is a political newcomer who is offering  a message of hope to all those who truly want an Opposition worthy of a strong democracy,” it wrote. 

It said the PN proved it is being controlled by an “establishment” when its administrative council and outgoing leader Simon Busuttil publicly called on Delia to drop out of the race in light of reports he had helped launder money from a prostitution ring in Soho last decade. Delia has vehemently denied the allegations and has said they are the work of a PN “establishment” which is scared of losing its grip on the party.

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