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LISTEN: Adrian Delia’s Off-Script Battlecry To Youths: ‘We Can’t Save Our Planet If We Can’t Even Save An Unborn Baby’

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Opposition leader Adrian Delia delivered an impassioned, off-script speech at a PN youth rally last weekend, which touched on everything from environmental destruction and immigration to poverty and abortion.

In it, Delia said he has asked his own children why they’re not interested in politics and the answer he received was that “we’re destroying everything”.

He also warned that it might soon be too late to save the world from total environmental destruction and urged his young crowd to stand up to be counted and believe they can change the world.

This is his speech verbatim


“My grandfather’s generation fought and won wars for the sake of democracy, freedom and human dignity. An entire generation lived through two world wars to save the world from the evil that was in power. My father’s generation then rebuilt the world from the rubble of the wars, after millions died for nothing, for the sake of greed and power, all because humans thought they had become gods.

“My generation had everything readymade for it. It found freedom, wealth and what are we doing? A few weeks ago, a 16-year-old Swedish girl called Greta Thunberg gave politicians at the European Parliament a telling-off. She warned that this generation is destroying the environment and is destroying the world.”

“We found everything and lacked nothing, but we wanted even more. We thought we could replace God, we wanted more power and wealth. We wanted more of everything but we will end up losing everything.”

“UN experts have warned that a million species are at risk of extinction, which means that your children won’t get to see the life we found. As Greta Thunberg said, ‘Panic, just panic because it will soon be too late’!”

“We are living in a country and in a world where people build palaces of gold while people are dying of hunger. Someone here mentioned immigration… do you think African people are leaving their homes for countries in which they don’t speak their language for fun? No, it’s because they are killing each other, they’re dying of hunger, the climate is changing, we’re destroying everything.”


“Why are people coming from Asia to a rock in the Mediterranean? Enormous countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are rich in natural resources, but are controlled by people who aren’t capable of leading their countries. Democracy doesn’t reign there. We are destroying the world and it will soon be too late.”

“Myself, first of all, I am not doing enough. I’m sorry, but I’m not. I’ve asked my children why they don’t care about politics. It’s because we’re destroying everything. So what if we talk about the economy, the surplus, the material wealth we think we enjoy, and the large cars that are polluting everywhere. We have a lot of cars and we want even more, thousands a year so we can kill each other.”

“Ten people die every week [due to respiratory problems] in this country and the government says nothing about it. We say nothing about it! That means twenty people would have died by the time the election comes about; the government probably considers them to be twenty votes. 600 in one year as it stands, but we are doing our utmost to increase that rate.”

“Politicians are fighting against each other, insulting each other and trying to rip each other’s eyes and teeth out while people are sleeping on benches, gardens and the street. Let’s go help them, lets show that we truly want a society that cares. Let’s not fight about storey heights but find out who is living underground. There are those among us who don’t have enough to eat, drink, buy medicines or send their children to school.”


“The climate is changing. A million species are at risk and we’re killing our barrier reefs and coral reefs which give life to millions of species. We’re destroying our forests, and for what? So we can buy more furniture? More cars? More smoke? More cancer?”

“I came here furious because I’ve just watched Greta Thunberg’s speech. Watch it, get angry, panic, and speak out. Don’t sit down and ask the questions you’re told to ask. Stand up and believe you can be the youths who will change not only the country, but the world. You can change the world. The people who changed the world came from garages, from poverty, from nothingness. Those people who have everything cannot change everything, because they don’t need anything.”

“Thats how we want the PN’s youths to be. You must stand up and speak out. Tell your friends that we should change the world, stop using plastic, stop littering, stop killing animals and destroying trees, stop using carbon fuels. Let’s say no to destruction and say yes to life.”

“We want to give rights to robots but we don’t want to give rights to the unborn child. What a world of injustice! We want to give rights to robots but we want to kill people. Who are those politicians who want to shoulder this responsibility? Who are those people who can look you in the eye and tell you that you could have never been born?”


“Every person we kill could have been that person who would change the world, who would find a cure for cancer, who would change everything that risks destroying us. Don’t think these are things of the past to that these are empty words.”

“The destruction of the planet, which can take place in a few years, is equivalent to the destruction of a single human who was never born. If this country isn’t capable of saving that one unborn baby, then we definitely won’t be able to save the entire planet. I won’t lose heart, I wont give in. I beg you to come with us, be with us, believe you can change the world.”

“Save one child, save one baby, save one life from dying of cancer…lets save the planet together. We can do it, don’t give up, stand up for your rights and the children’s rights and save the planet together.”

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