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‘Make Malta For The Maltese Again’: Moviment Patrijotti Maltin Announce 2019 MEP Election Run

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The Moviment Patrijotti Maltin have announced they will be contesting the 2019 MEP elections on a program based on a ‘fair, safe and Christian Europe.’ The unanimous decision to contest was taken by the party’s executive council on Sunday.

“We have a program – to make Malta again for the Maltese,” Henry Battistino, the leader of the MPM, told Lovin Malta. “This is a small country suffering from overpopulation and we need to solve it, and we have points to solve this problem.”

They haven’t announced a candidate yet, saying they will confirm one shortly, but that the focus shouldn’t be on the person, but on their program.

“We won’t have high profile candidates but dedicated patriots that will take part – but it’s the program that is important, and that is what people will vote for, to get some sanity back to this island which has become less secure and very densely population,” he said.

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PICTURED: Henry Battistino, right

“This is not the country that Mintoff and Borg Olivier built” – Henry Battistino

The MPM said that the issues of overpopulation, low wages, environmental destruction, and a government in cahoots with big business were ruining the country.

“The disparities in Malta at the moment are incredible: the government is in the hands of multi-millionaires, and the people at bottom are suffering. We don’t want Malta to be Dubai, we want Malta to be one of social change, where the poor and the working class are very strong,” he said.

“One of the ways to address the situation is to have Maltese wages on par with Europe’s,” he said.

MPM are known for their polarising stunts, such as handing out free pork sandwiches in Msida to protest Muslims who were congregating in the area for open air prayer. But Battistino was unapologetic for the MPM’s tone or beliefs.

“We always say the truth, this is not the country we grew up in, this is not the country that Mintoff and Borg Olivier built,” he said. “Obviously we do not mean this in a xenophobic way, but as we can see this is going over the top now.”

“Plus, a lot of people are being terribly exploited.”

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He called on Malta returning to governmental policies put forward in 1971

Battistino specifically pointed towards a national immigration policy enacted under former Prime Minister Gorg Borg Olivier in 1971 as key legislation that needs to be re-introduced, pointing towards Malta’s accession to the EU as a major mistake in Maltese history.

“We can deduce that the MPM program started from the EU succession treaty in 2003,” he said. “I’ve been fighting against that treaty since 1999. I said that if we entered into this treaty we were going to get invaded, so one of our main points is going to be the renegotiation of the treaty, especially in areas regarding immigration.”

“We need to return to the Borg Olivier agreement from 1971, when we were treated as a small nation. We need to bring it back, to bring Malta back to its natural state.”

You can find the Moviment Patrijotti Maltin’s full programme below

Three years ago Maltese Patriots founded an NGO to fight the ongoing invasion and protect for our rights and identity as Maltese and European citizens. After this success, it was felt that a Patriotic Political Party should be formed. This was achieved when in February 2016 the Moviment Parijotti Maltin (Maltese Patriotic Movement) commenced it’s role as a new political party to defend Maltese and European citizens.

From the onset, we highlighted the degradable in our environment and the massive rise in crime due to the over population of this small island state. We also pressed against the use of cheap labour and the exorbitant property and rental prices caused by the massive influx of foreigners. Foreigners ranging from illegals, cheap non-EU labourers and passport buying billionaires.

This large influx of foreigners has led to a short term macro economic rise, but the local population is undergoing as strenuous negativity, social and economic strangleholds. Maltese sovereignty is at state. Maltese politics is dominated by two large political parties which keep in power by completely controlling the local media and ensuing favours for votes in every election. Neither of these two big parties have an electoral mandate to integrate the numerous illegals that are present on the island.

In fact the last general election of June 2017 electoral campaign, neither party mentioned once the on going of illegal immigration and the dumping of foreign labourers from every corner in Malta. It was also omitted from both parties manifestos.

The EU is playing a dangerous game where it is using mass immigration as a means to hold down wages and hence protect the competitivity index. This has also led the European citizens into badly paid precarious work. The social pendulum has shifted too much in favour of neo-liberalism. The ostracisation of small and medium Maltese enterprises. The EU has lost it’s values.

This is reflecting badly on Europeans, especially on young European generation that are keen to start a family. We need a Europe of Christian values, Europe is Christian. Tolerance to other religions and minorities does not means that we should for sake our core believes and values. This strong family unit is the rock on which the new Europe should be constructed. Families urgently needs to be offered financial help, decent housing and a safe environment as previously had. It is only when you have this strong base that you can then build a safe and sustainable Europe.

A Europe where nation state will have full rights to their borders. A Europe where statutory minimum wage is damming down of local workers and local small businesses. Added value manufacturing has to be given top priority. Lost skills has to be revived and a shift from cities to a rural environment has to be encouraged. The production of high quality foods and produce will be prioritised. Europeans have once again to be the rightful owners of their productivity. The negative effect of globalisation has led the European worker being sidelined and belittled. All for the sake of the new workers scourge that is called competitivity. The paradox of a wide world open market in which European workers, the same Europeans that have over the years been put on the same playing fields with child workers and institutionalised slavery from third world countries.

This intolerable situation has led to the deterioration of working class standards and the creation of under classes all over Europe. An under class totally dependent on social services. Europe needs to immediately ditch dangerous and failed liberal policies and thinking. It should have a resolute commitment to build a new enterprising and strong worker base that is build on decent wages, small businesses and proper family values. Multiculturalism has failed. This is a new fact. Our Europe has succumbed to a dangerous proliferation of Islamists. This cult is incompatible with our European values and is creating unwanted tension and security issues in all our countries.

Equating logical debate and discussion on this issue to Islamophobia has to end.

The failed strategy of forced integration has to cease immediately. Sensible and fair solution have to be found, otherwise our children will suffer and will rightfully blame us for not tackling this brave problem. The Europe we believe in is a Europe of free strong nation, ranging from Malta in the south right up to Vladivostok. A Europe of Christian tolerance. A Europe of good will to all true born residents who believe in freedom equality and peace. In Malta’s case, a Europe of peace and security in the Mediterranean.

Do you know who you will be voting for in the upcoming MEP elections?

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