'Malta In Our Pockets': Nationalist Party Pokes Fun At Labour’s Campaign Slogan With Cheeky Billboard

The battle of the billboards is in full force!


The Nationalist Party has taken the battle of the billboards to Labour, with a billboard in Bombi poking fun at the PL’s new campaign logo.

The billboard is a carbon copy of the PL’s ‘Malta F’ Qalbna’ logo, which are currently plastered on billboards across the country, but with the word Qalbna (Our hearts) replaced with Butna (Our pockets).


It is a direct response to the way the PL had erected a spoof billboard at the Msida Skate Park last week to mock a spelling mistake that had appeared on PN billboards.

Separately, the PN has also erected billboards with warning signs about how the children of today will inherit a worse environment when they grow up and about how traffic is choking the country.

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Tim Diacono

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