Malta Records €6,500 Salary Gap Between Working Mothers And Working Fathers

The number of single parents has shot up by 20% in a five-year period

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Working mothers earn on average €6,500 less than working fathers according to an NSO survey. However, evident disparities in working patterns and populations between the two genders may be behind the gap.

Around 80% of all parents are employed (up by 5%), with the average gross salary for working parents has increased year-on-year since 2012. Despite having a steeper increase over the period, working mothers still earn much less than working fathers

The average salary for working fathers is €24,155, while the average salary for working mothers is €17,597

The average gross salary takes all the wages earned by a group and divides them according to the group’s total number, regardless of their type of profession.

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A possibility behind the apparent disparity emerges between the pair when looking at the types of jobs they occupy.

Roughly 35% of all working mothers are in part-time employment, potentially indicating at the massive gap when it came to the average gross salary.

Also telling is that around 97% of all fathers work, making them one of the most active participants in the workforce. Meanwhile, 65% of all mothers work, 33% are inactive, and the rest were unemployed.

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The number of single parents has jumped up by 20% in a five-year period

The number of single-parent households has also steadily risen since 2013, jumping up by close to 20% in a five-year period (7,307 single parents as of 2018).

Out of a total of 61,255 households with dependent children, 20,412 (33%) were households made up of two adults and one dependent child. Households comprising of two adults and two dependent children added up to 16,203 (26%).

The number of marriages has decreased (2,934 in 2017), as has the number of births (4,319 in 2017).

The figures for the divorces were not published.

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