Malta’s Data Protection Commissioner Is Investigating Leak Of Luciano Moggi’s Voting Document

A man who definitely knows how to swing a result in his favour, the notorious Moggi is eligible to vote in May’s local council elections

Lovin Malta Moggi Gzira

The Data Protection Commissioner is investigating the leak of the voting document belonging to disgraced Juventus General Manager Luciano Moggi.

The image unsurprisingly went viral, with commenters likening Moggi’s own shady history to the more unsavoury sides of Maltese "min ħexa mexa" culture.

However, despite the admitted humour in the image, serious questions actually have to be asked over how the electoral commission is handling the data of every single resident in the country, including yourself, and the implications of electoral commission staff nonchalantly sharing images of voting documents.

With regards to the media themselves who published the image, which included most independent media houses and the state broadcaster, the commissioner did note that the extensive public information available and the redactions made will be taken to account in determining the extent of public interest.

While the media did actually blackout the Gżira address of Moggi, the image that circulated around messaging groups and social media did show his full residency details

It is unclear whether an internal investigation will be launched by the Electoral Commission themselves. Questions sent to the commission remain unanswered by the time of publication.

Moggi was at the centre of Juventus’ role in the ‘calciopoli’ bribes scandal, which saw him handed a lifetime ban from the Italian Football Federation over allegations that he would influence referee selectors. He has always denied the charges, which were dropped in 2015.

On the plus side, maybe Gzira United can reach out to their local lad to get them to the next level next season!

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Julian Bonnici