MEP Candidate Skipped By Local Council Candidate On House Visits Since She's 'Not Maltese'

Cami Appelgren had dreamt of the day a local candidate would come knocking... until one actually did

Camilla Appelgren Lovin Malta Local Council Rabat

House visits by political hopefuls are a regular part of Maltese life - but not for one Swedish-Maltese resident who also happens to be an MEP candidate in the upcoming May elections.

Camilla Appelgren, who has made a name for herself as a Swede organising major clean-ups around Malta, has also pledged to learn Maltese in her efforts to show her affinity for the island.

So you can only imagine her joy and excitement at holding an actual political discussion when a local council candidate from her hometown of Rabat visited her residence.

However, her joy soon turned to sadness as the councillor quickly moved away as soon as she realised Cami was not Maltese.

"A lady rang on the intercom downstairs and I answered," Cami recounted in a Facebook post yesterday evening. "It was a political candidate for the local council. 'Finally!' I said to myself and put the coffee brewer on."

"'Oh, you're not Maltese so you won't be able to vote. Have a good evening!' And off she went. What just happened?" Cami asked. "I was just about to inform her that I indeed will and CAN vote on the local council election."

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Cami explained her thoughts following the turn-down

"First of all, I find it sad that I as a resident, registered voter or not, am not offered to sit down with the local politicians and discuss my view of what is working and not in the council I live in," she said.

"I had waited many years for this opportunity, believe me."

"Secondly, I find it worrying that some candidates aren't aware about the fact that foreigners, EU nationals, actually can vote in local council elections. In this case, I guess it's this candidate's loss... I had some good coffee prepared for this occasion together with cinnamon buns, homemade, and many questions (maybe too many)," she said.

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She joked about making the fact that she can vote more prominent outside her residence, since her name isn't currently on her mailbox.

"Maybe I will have to put a label on my mailbox saying that I am an EU resident and eligible to vote for them," she said.

However, her offer to any local council hopefuls still stands.

"Those buns are in the freezer by the way," she finished. "If any other candidate should knock on my door again, the offer of coffee and cinnamon bun still stands."

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