WATCH: PN MEP Criticises Malta’s Electoral Commission As He Raises Awareness Of Foreign Voters’ Rights In Elections

‘The European Elections should be an occasion to integrate expats in the Maltese political debate’

Peter Agius Malta Electoral Commission

Maltese PN MEP candidate Peter Agius has launched a multi-language appeal to get foreign voters aware of their rights for the upcoming European Parliament and local council elections.

All expats from European Union countries have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in local and European elections held in their country of residence.

Speaking in both Italian and French, Agius explained how EU citizens can check whether they are eligible voters through the electoral register and apply by sending a form to the commission’s offices in either Valletta or Victoria, Gozo.

Registration forms must be submitted by 30 March.

In a separate post, Agius also criticised the electoral commission for failing to actively inform voters, unlike other member states such as Belgium

“Malta has opened up and enriched itself in many senses thanks to the input of EU expats, many of whom now form an integral part of our communities," he said. "The European elections on 25 May should be an occasion to integrate expats in the Maltese political debate. Let us not forego this opportunity!”

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Written By

Julian Bonnici