MEP Roberta Metsola Blames Gender And Propoganda As Facebook Commenter Says She Deserves Death

"It's what happens when you're conditioned to see women in politics as something dangerous"


Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola has named and shamed a man who commented on her Facebook wall that she deserves to die "for speaking against her country" and has theorised what led him to post such a comment in the first place.

“It's not Mario's fault that he thinks I should be put to death, he’s never met me,” Metsola said as she posted a screenshot of the comment. “But this is what happens when you spend your days listening to the 24-hour cycle of hate spewed on propaganda outlets. It is what happens when you're conditioned to see women in politics as something dangerous. It is what happens when those pulling your strings, think threats will work when arguments fail.”

“They didn't intimidate me when I first started and they certainly will not bother me now. But I owe it to all the young girls and boys reading this to stand up and call out this hate. To show them that the way to deal with it is not by shutting up but to make our voice even louder. I'm not going anywhere.”

Metsola has developed quite a habit of calling out people who insult her and threaten her on social media, particularly when they use misogynistic language.

She notably called out Konrad Mizzi’s uncle after he suggested that she use a statuette as a dildo, a Times of Malta commenter who claimed she cannot hold down a full-time job while raising four children, and a man who straight out said that women don’t belong in politics.

Two years ago, she went as far as to report an elderly man to the police after he described her as a traitor who deserved to be burned alive. The man was promptly charged, denied bail for six days, and eventually given a suspended sentence.

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