Michael Briguglio Is Being Mocked Mercilessly By His Former Party

Alternattiva Demokratika publishes memes mocking its former leader

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Malta’s Green Party Alternattiva Demokratika has gone on an onslaught against its former leader Michael Briguglio after he criticised his old team for not entering a coalition the Nationalist Party in the last election. 

The Green Party’s leader Carmel Cacopardo published a blogpost with a meme of Briguglio’s face upside down, to mock him for “doing everything in reverse”. 

“As I have already said many times, the AD didn’t reach a deal with the PN because the PN weren’t ready to enter into a serious coalition and because they weren’t credible [on good governance],” he wrote.

Briguglio had led AD to its best-ever electoral result in 2013, winning 1.8% of the national vote, but his relationship with his former party has significantly soured since then. Earlier this year, Briguglio - a Sliema councillor - officially resigned from AD and joined PN.

Listing a series of past scandals and controversies by Nationalist MPs, Cacopardo said Briguglio could not brush off the PN’s sins while simultaneously preaching about good governance.    

“I cannot stand these double standards…Michael Briguglio does everything in reverse,” Cacopardo said. 


AD candidate Luke Caruana published a meme of Briguglio amongst key Nationalist MPs - including leader Adrian Delia and his predecessor Simon Busuttil - as a means of dismissing the former leader’s good governance battlecry. 

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Meanwhile, the party’s secretary general Ralph Cassar had harsh words for blogger Manuel Delia, a former top aide to PN minister Austin Gatt who - along with Briguglio and other speakers - had addressed a national demonstration Sunday demanding justice for the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. 

In a blogpost last night, Manuel Delia attacked his critics as “pseudo-intellectual auto-castrated closet fascists with 100% cotton souvenir Che t-shirts still lovingly wrapped in plastic”.

“You can't be neutral on a moving train... but you can be pompous, arrogant and fake it seems, Delia!” Cassar said. 

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