Miriam Dalli Has Been Reconfirmed As The Most Influential Maltese MEP... Also Making It To An EU's Top 100 List

'Results like these continue to fuel me with energy and enthusiasm to work even harder for our citizens'

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Labour MEP Miriam Dalli has once again been confirmed as the most influential Maltese MEP of this legislature. Dr Dalli is also the only Maltese MEP to be part of the list compiled by VoteWatch Europe, which ranked 100 MEPs from the 28 Member States.

"Results like these continue to fuel me with energy and enthusiasm to work even harder for our citizens,” said Miriam Dalli. “That VoteWatch Europe consider me to be the most influential Maltese MEP simply means greater responsibility to always put the interest of our country before anything else. The fact that I am one of the top 100 MEPs who left their mark in the EP proves that it is your willingness to make a difference in people’s lives that matters, and not the size of your country."

This recognition was awarded to Miriam Dalli following her work in the European Parliament. This was Miriam Dalli’s first legislative term, having successfully contested the 2014 European Parliament elections for the first time.

Vote Watch Europe Influential Meps

This is not the first time the Labour MEP has been described as an influential politician at EU level

In addition to various awards received during these five years, including for her work on health and climate change, Miriam Dalli was described by Politico as one of 28 persons set to influence politics throughout 2019.

Miriam Dalli was also named as one of the Politico 40 – a list of 40 MEPs who made a difference during this legislature 2014-2019.

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