Nationalist Party Erects Workers’ Day Billboard And It’s Another Dig At Konrad Mizzi In His Own Street

Tourism Minister takes another hit in the battle of the billboards!


The Nationalist Party has used the occasion of Workers’ Day to take another billboard swipe at one of its favourite punching bags - Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi.

A billboard erected by the Ferries in Sliema says that citizens are only receiving a one-off €40 cheque, a reference to the tax rebates, while Mizzi is pocketing €5000 a day, a reference to the 17 Black scandal.

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A previous billboard targeting Konrad Mizzi

Whether by coincidence or design, the billboard has been erected in the very same street where Mizzi lives, just as a previous PN billboard targeting the minister had been.

The PN also seems to have taken heed of Mizzi’s advice to choose a better picture of himself for its next billboard, this time opting for a cartoon sourced directly from the Panama Papers.

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