Nationalist Party's Media Claims Government And Occupy Justice Activists Secretly Want To Legalise Abortion

Occupy Justice slams allegations as "laughable" and "fake news"

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The Nationalist Party’s media has claimed in a front page story today that the government secretly intends to legalise abortion, restricted to certain circumstances, in the coming years.

“While Malta joined the rest of the world in celebrating the birth of Christ last Tuesday, paradoxically there are those in the country who intend to proceed with their plans to formally introduce abortion, the killing of the unborn child, in this legislature.”

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has repeatedly shut down the possibility of an abortion debate on the grounds that this wasn’t included in the Labour Party’s electoral manifesto. However, PN newspaper Il-Mument claimed Muscat secretly intends to legalise abortion in this legislature, so much so that he wants the next President to be someone willing to sign an abortion bill into law.

“So long as [Education Minister] Evarist Bartolo, a liberal, gives his word that he is ready to sign a bill that will legalise abortion in certain circumstances, he will become Castille’s favourite for the presidency.”

The PN paper also coyly claimed that “elements within Occupy Justice” have declared themselves in favour of abortion, but this was shot down by the pressure group this morning.

"Occupy Justice categorically refutes the absurd allegations made by Il-Mument in its almost-laughable attempt to divert attention from serious allegations of domestic abuse made against the Leader of the Opposition," it said. "It is highly irresponsible of a newspaper editor to resort to fabricating fake news in order to try to distract from an alleged criminal act."

"Abortion has never been our group’s agenda and is beyond our scope, and therefore we have not and will not take an official stand on the subject."

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