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NET Presenter: ‘I Want To Be Malta’s First Trans Woman Politician’

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NET presenter Angela Coleiro has confirmed she plans to contest the next general election, which would make her the first transgender woman candidate in Maltese history.

“No government or party enjoys a monopoly over people within the LGBTIQ community,” Coleiro wrote. “These people have hearts, brains and abilities like everyone else. Their lives don’t only revolve around civil liberties but every aspect of life, just like all other citizens.”

Since its election to government in 2013, the Labour Party has introduced a swathe of civil liberties, such as legalising gay marriage and civil unions and allowing people to legally change their gender so that it’s in line with their gender identity.

However, Coleiro said that while these laws were an important and positive step in the right direction, they in no way mean she owes her support to the party in government.

“I disagree with corruption, with deals like Vitals and Electrogas, with Panama companies, the murder of a journalist, and unbridled development,” she said.

In another post, on a political page she recently set up, Coleiro said she wants to be “the voice of the voiceless, LGBTIQ+ people, animals, homeless people, unborn babies, domestic violence victims, victims of injustice, artists, actors, singers, presenters, people with special needs and more”.

While the Nationalist Party has yet to confirm whether it will be considering Coleiro’s candidacy, the NET presenter has already been highly endorsed by Peppi Azzopardi.

“If I was in charge, you’d be a star candidate and lead the PN’s online public relations campaign,” he said. “You’re truly a people’s person and you’re in touch with their moods, pains and joys. When you fight, you’re able to combat the argument and not the arguer”.

In the 2017 general election, Attard councillor Alex Mangion became Malta’s first transgender politician when he contested on the PN’s ticket. If she gets her wish, Coleiro would become the country’s first woman transgender politician to contest an election.

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