New PD Leader Anthony Buttigieg Says Fighting Corruption Is Main Priority

Environmental policy is also high on the agenda


Partit Demokratiku has just elected its new leader. Dr. Anthony Buttigieg was elected unanimously by the Orange Party's members, after the other contender in the leadership election withdrew his name from the race. 

He will be taking over the role vacated by Marlene Farrugia, whom he was nominated by.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Dr. Buttigieg said that the first thing he would be focusing on was the party structure.

"One thing I will be working on is definitely strengthening the party, increasing its membership, and increasing the organisation's ability. When we formed last year around election time we didn't have time to really form strong party structures."

As far as policy was concerned, he explained that there "won't be a radical policy shift beyond what we already stand for."

"I know its a bit hackneyed now with everyone saying it but we will be fighting against corruption, promoting good governance, and speaking out against the weakening of Malta's institutions - this is the number one priority policy wise," he said.

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He also reiterated PD's dedication to the environment, saying they will be promoting "pro-environment" policies.

As far as having been elected uncontested, he explained that he "was expecting an election but it didn't happen, there was a consensus that I was the right person to do the job. I had thrown my candidacy in the early days but there was consensus among the members that I should be given the role."

Even though Dr. Buttigieg is not a Member of Parliament, he will be leading a party with two Members of Parliament, Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia, giving the new party some voting power in parliament.

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