Norman Lowell To Contest MEP Elections As Imperium Europa Officially Becomes A Maltese Political Party

'19 years from its inception, Imperium Europa has officially become a political party'

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Norman Lowell, the firebrand right-wing politician known for his anti-migration rhetoric, is officially contesting the upcoming MEP elections in Malta.

"19 years from its inception, Imperium Europa has officially become a political party. Mr Lowell, founder of the movement, is the current leader of the party," the group said in a statement.

"Imperium Europa obtained 6,761 votes in the last MEP election and promotes a strict anti-immigration policy. It is pro-Europe but anti-current-EU, which it deems as a mercantile union," they continued.

"It holds that current cultural diversity policies are leading to the annihilation of cultures and seeks to promote a Europe of Regions and Peoples through the formation of a new grouping of right wing representatives in Brussels: Nova Europa. The party believes that the people have been misrepresented by the six MEP candidates who followed their own party agenda and personal interest in Brussels and who failed to address the people’s frustration, needs and imminent dangers," the group said.

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Pictured above: Imperium Europa's landing page

Though IE has contested previous MEP elections, a new party financing law meant any party wishing to contest the May elections needed to re-register with the Electoral Commission.

Pictured above: A right-wing meme shared by VivaMalta, an IE-affiliated page

Norman Lowell will be the sole Imperium Europa candidate for the upcoming MEP election

Lowell is known for his extreme rhetoric; in February a video celebrating IE's 19th anniversary was released which featured Lowell talking about migrants coming to Malta and "consciously breeding" to have "six or eight children" at a time.

In the video, he said that this was meant to take Malta away from the Maltese, and said that, once done, it cannot be be undone, and would be "forever".

He also once famously said: "Nazism is passé; it was alright at the time."

What do you think of Norman Lowell's candidacy?

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