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Occupy Justice Calls For Adrian Delia’s Resignation In Wake Of Domestic Abuse Accusations

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The women-led activist movement Occupy Justice has called for the resignation of Nationality Party leader Adrian Leader after he was accused of domestic abuse by his wife as part of their marital separation proceedings.

Saying he is not “fit for his constitutional role”, Occupy Justice has called on the PN to out their leader if he does not resign of his own accord. In their official statement, the group also referenced a previous call they had made for him to resign over accusations of corruption, and said that Malta “deserves better”.

Occupy Justice’s full statement is below:

Following media reports that Malta’s Opposition leader Adrian Delia’s wife is accusing him of domestic violence in marital separation proceedings, #occupyjustice demands his immediate resignation.

Domestic violence is a massive human rights issue plaguing our society and it is therefore not a private matter but a very public one.

Malta’s leaders must be at the forefront to fight domestic violence perpetrators.

For this reason, Adrian Delia is not fit for his constitutional role as Leader of the Opposition and therefore must resign NOW.

If he doesn’t, his party must see to it that he is fired.

This call follows our call a few weeks ago for Delia to step down following corruption allegations.

Malta deserves better.

This is our nation, this is our home, and we are the people. We expect better, we deserve better, we demand better.

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Pictured above: Adrian Delia and Nickie Vella De Fremeaux prior to separation proceedings

Nickie Vella De Fremaux alleged that her five children had become used to seeing their father beat her at home

The statements indicating the alleged abuse were made after Delia filed an urgent court application asking the court to let him see his five children on Christmas Eve, saying he was being prevented from seeing his own kids.

In response to this, Vella De Fremeaux said she would only allow Delia access if he was placed under careful supervision from parties such as her parents while with her children, and made the claims of domestic abuse in a written statement.

Do you think Adrian Delia should resign after hearing of the domestic abuse allegations?

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