'Only Stupid Maltese Women Are Having Babies': The 7 Craziest Things Norman Lowell Said During His Interview

'It’s the likes of Żeża ta’ Bubaqra who are giving birth to four children, illiterate and ignorant women who have never written a book'

Many people have promised to vote for Norman Lowell in next month’s European Parliament election in protest against the high rate of immigration to Malta. What some may not be aware of is that a vote for Lowell is not only a vote against immigration, nor for that matter is it a vote against immigration per se.

During a recent interview on F-Living, the Imperium Europa leader gave the public a taste of his views on everything from eugenics and Malta’s low birth rate to why Maltese women should be encouraged to have sex with Eastern Europeans but not with Africans.

These are the highlights from the interview in Lowell’s own words. Be warned; some of it is extremely shocking.


1. ‘Breeding with blacks is a sacrilege to nature’

“They’re inassimilable. When America got blacks over through the slave trade, they started breeding with white women to make good boxers, who are more intelligent, faster and so on. The likes of Cassius Clay [Muhammad Ali] are mixed breed, but they remained black, even though blacks had been marrying whites for hundreds of years.”

“In America, there are blacks who are whiter than the Maltese but who are classified anthropologically as negroids. If the Maltese breed with them, it will be a sin and sacrilege to nature.”

2. ‘But breeding with Serbs will give us stronger babies’

“It’s genetically positive that Croatians, Serbians and the like are integrating with us because Malta has suffered a lot from inbreeding and we didn’t even used to breed with the English because they were Protestants.”

“A mixture of Latin and Slav will mean we will improve physically and will be more determined and gritty. They are one of four genetically assimilable cousin people - Anglo-Saxons, Teutons, Latins and Slavs. If we breed with any of those four people, we will have the most beautiful children.”


3. ‘Babies with disabilities should be killed at birth’

“Europe and white countries like America are aborting millions of healthy babies. There could be the next Isaac Newton among them and we aren’t giving him a chance, but that’s what large parties want - fewer European babies. We’re not saying we should kill millions, but that horribly mentally defective babies should be aborted or granted a benign mercy killing.”

“The best Brits, from Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill to Bernard Shaw all formed part of a eugenics society, because they wanted the uplifting of the quality of their people. Does anyone enjoy going to a village which is full of village idiots? Does anyone want handicapped people? No one wants them.”

4. ‘Only stupid Maltese people are having babies’

“Not only does Malta have the lowest birth rate in Europe, but the most intelligent Maltese women aren’t even having children. It’s the likes of Zeza ta’ Bubaqra who are giving birth to four children, illiterate and ignorant women who have never written a book.”

“The women with a higher IQ aren’t interested in having children and care more about their job. They are losing sight of the most precious, honourable and noble thing, which is breeding the next generation. What a tragedy.”


5. In defence of Adolf Hitler

“Hitler started life as a poor man, a vagabond who lived in a homeless shelter. However, he was very intelligent and he read all the books in the four Vienna libraries. When he came to power, Germany had six million people unemployed but he achieved full employment within two years."

“As for Mussolini, he left behind Italy’s best monuments, such as the granite train station in Milan.”

6. ‘I managed to convince Matteo Salvini’

“We created an ideology of Nova Europa from scratch, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear [Italy’s deputy Prime Minister] Matteo Salvini say the same recently and I take it as the highest form of praise.”

“I won’t say he copied me, but that I managed to convince him. I will save Europe from the abyss it is hurtling down.”

“This election is the last chance the Maltese have to save themselves, Europe and European civilisation. Look at the disaster in London, Leeds and Wolverhampton, but we in Malta will save it. We are going to change this Europe."


7. Flirting with a woman who promised to vote for him

At one point, the interviewer read out a message from a woman who had promised to vote for Lowell by saying “I’ll give you my number one [vote].”

Lowell’s response? “Tell her I’ll give her my Number One too if she wants. Hahahaha.”

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Tim Diacono

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