Partit Demokratiku Condemns Opposition Leader For Selfie With Prime Minister: 'You're One And The Same!'

"A poodle of Castille is in charge of the Nationalist Party"

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At first glance, it may seem like an innocuous selfie of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Opposition leader Adrian Delia who happened to bump into each other while watching the Maltese football team.

However, Partit Demokratiku has warned the photo reflects something far more insidious, that the country’s two largest political parties are actually colliding with each other.

The small party's leader Godfrey Farrugia quoted an article by Manuel Delia, which lashed out at the selfie and quoted Adrian Delia as agreeing with Muscat's stance that the police are investigating 17 Black, and not Keith Schembri.

“The collusion is so clear,” he said. “Now, more than ever before, I realise how weak our Constitution and laws are when it comes to safeguard the rule of law and the spirit of democracy.”

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His partner and fellow PD MP Marlene Farrugia was more brash, mocking Delia as “the Prime Minister’s poodle”.

“Not even in a dog sanctuary would you find poodles like this,” she said.

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PD MEP candidate Martin Cauchi Inglott uploaded the selfie with the slogan ‘One and the same!!’.

“This picture taken yesterday begs one question: Whose side is Adrian Delia on exactly?! I mean this is in the midst of the 17 Black scandal,” he said. “We at Partit Demokratiku are clear. We want to fix the broken system and renew Malta. Our promise to you is that we will remain consistent throughout.”

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In the midst of the social media debate, PN deputy leader Robert Arrigo stepped in to play down the relevance of the photo.

“This was at a football match cheering for Malta; you should have been there too!” he said.

What do you make of this selfie?

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