Viral Photo Of Maltese Couple Proves Family Always Comes Before Politics

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Jason and Stephanie Deguara have very different political views and are both very active within the parties they each follow. For the last 19 years, however, they haven't let politics interfere with their personal lives, because in their own words, "family comes before politics."

In a post shared by online photography blog The People Of Malta, the couple explain it all.

The couple explained how they not only have strong opposing views, but are also often busy attending the different parties' activities. Their secret for the last two decades is simple; "Before every election we agree to not discuss politics at home, for the good of the family."

In an ideal world both would be able to maturely discuss their opposing views, rather than simply not speaking about them, but with the current political climate, and news of opposing sides coming together is always a relief to hear.

All this is no doubt done with their six-year-old on Gerrard in mind, who they both clearly love more than anything else. "We've already agreed that, on the Sunday following the election, one of us will be taking care of our son while the other is out celebrating," they said.

Considering how passionate many people get over politics on a daily basis, let alone during such a gruelling campaign period as this year's, many people might be surprised by how Jason and Stephanie have managed to make their relationship work for so long. "Many ask us how we manage to live together," they admitted. "First and foremost, family comes before politics, despite our love for our respective political parties."

The post went viral within a couple of days, with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments and shares. Loads of people reached out to the couple to show their admiration for what the couple have managed to achieve.

"After all, whatever happens—whoever wins—on the 5th of June we'll still wake up as one family, and one country" they concluded. "We must all work together."

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