PN Leader Adrian Delia: ’17 Black Scandal Shows Malta Didn’t Need New Power Station’

"Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri would have resigned in any other civilised, Western country"

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Opposition leader Adrian Delia suggested the LNG power station in Delimara was set up for corrupt purposes in light of revelations that one of the people behind it owned the Dubai company 17 Black.

“Our government was elected on the back of a promise to build a power station and reduce electricity bills,” Delia said at a Q&A session for youths. “The greatest scandal is that we didn’t need this power station, but that it was set up so that Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri could earn €150,000 a month through 17 Black.”

Delia dismissed Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s argument that he wants to await ongoing magisterial inquiries before deciding whether to take action against Mizzi and Schembri.

“Don’t talk about inquiries, just ask your friends what they’re doing and tell the people who will shoulder responsibility. Political responsibility would have been shouldered in any other civilised, Western country. It’s only here in Malta that responsibility is never shouldered.”

“The world is watching us, it’s looking on and we cannot stay still and do nothing. This is a crucial moment in Malta’s history and we need to be stand up to be counted. The reputation we built up for 25 years is being destroyed for the sake of the financial interests of a few people. Those with a shred of political decency must shoulder this responsibility.”

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