PN Leader Adrian Delia: ‘I Plan To Meet And Speak To Every Single Maltese Citizen’

He also called for a debate on how AI and robotics could render people irrelevant

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Opposition leader Adrian Delia has set himself a lofty ambition of meeting and speaking to every single Maltese citizen on a face-to-face basis.

“The EU is much more than a currency but is a family of values,” Delia said at the European People’s Party congress in Helsinki yesterday. “And how do we understand these values? I believe in meeting and listening to people, and I have the ambition of meeting and speaking to every single Maltese citizen. I am listening continuously to people in streets, at their workplaces and at their homes.”

Delia said his encounters with Maltese people have shown him they have two major concerns about the EU - the lack of a coordinated strategy on irregular migration and the lack of an adequate political response to rapid technological developments in the fields of robotics, blockchain and AI.

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Adrian Delia addresses the EPP Congress in Helsinki

“These technologies will change society as we know it and we must think about employability, new skills and how the digital revolution could bring benefits to society. Preparation is key and we must start discussing how technology and tradition can co-exist.”

“As we debate data, algorithms and AI, our biggest challenge is ensuing people won't end up suffering from irrelevance. Many people across Europe are fearing irrelevance and are frantic to use their remaining political power before its too late. This can lead to the scourge of populism, where the EPP must provide value-based alternatives that matter the most in our everyday lives.”

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