PN Leader Hopeful Gets Cheesy But Catchy Campaign Jingle

Will the jingle help Adrian Delia's PN leadership campaign?

Mela Ejjew

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s election campaign had the tunes of American Authors and Opposition leader Simon Busuttil’s had the beat of Steve Aoki, yet it would appear as though the campaign song of PN leadership hopeful Adrian Delia will take on a more personalised route. 

A jingle has been doing the rounds online, praising Delia as the man who can provide a breath of fresh air to the Nationalist Party and who can turn its fortunes around and make it a victorious party once more. 

There are also several references to him as a top-notch lawyer who knows what the party's problems are and how to solve them.

Yet it is the cheesy but catchy refrain that steals the show:

“Mela ejjew nivvutaaw Adrian Delia

Jinfethu l-bibien ghalik u ghalija…”

(So let us vote for Adrian Delia… the doors will open for you and I)

Informed sources have told Lovin Malta the song was written by one of Delia’s supporters and the candidate himself had no idea about it until he heard it playing at a PN party club during one of his campaign activities. 

We will now wait and see whether supporters of the other three leader contestants- Chris Said, Alex Perici Calascione and Frank Portelli - will try out a similar strategy. 

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