PN Leader Pledges ‘Hate-Free’ Campaign As He Draws Parallels With Resurrection Of Christ

"Hatred will be the only thing absent from our political campaign"

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With a day to go until the Nationalist Party officially kicks off its electoral campaign, Opposition leader Adrian Delia has pledged that “hatred” wont be part of his political strategy.

“We will be talking about and proposing solutions to the problems that people, businesses and the country are facing,” Delia told NET today, specifically citing pensions, the situation at Mount Carmel and job opportunities for youths.

“Hatred will be the only thing absent from our political campaign.”

The Opposition leader also said it’s symbolic that the PN’s campaign for the European Parliament and local council elections will start the day after Easter Sunday.

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“Work must start the very next day after the resurrection of Christ,” he said. “That moment of victory signals a new start, and in the same way, our campaign will start the day after Easter Sunday.”

Delia ran his PN leadership campaign in 2017 on a pledge to fight hatred, in what was widely viewed as criticism at the way some PL exponents were personally targeted in the run-up to the last general election.

However, surveys have consistently shown that the PN has become more unpopular under Delia’s reign, with one conducted by Lovin Malta last month showing that the PL could win by 74,000 votes in next month’s election.

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